Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30: Fall of Saigon Begins

On this date in History .... 1975:

The fall of Saigon began.  

South vietnamese civilians try to climb the wall
of the U.S. Embassy in a desperate bid to board
one of the last evacuation flights out of Saigon.
Photo source: www.navymemorieshop.com
In Dec 1974 the North Vietnamese were making a rapid advancement and by early January had overtaken the capital of Phuoc Binh. Pres. Ford was unable to convince a “hostile Congress” to make good on the U.S.’s previous promise to provide aid in such a situation. When North Vietnam saw the U.S. was backing off of their earlier promise and doing nothing, they pushed forward toward Saigon, defeating the fledgling South Vietnam military at each encounter. 

The population of Saigon became a maddening mob as everyone tried to get a spot on evacuation transportation. 

(It really got to me … really … when I watched  THIS VIDEO and saw grown men shove a young woman & child out of the way as they tried to get thru the Embassy gates …. marker 0:31 thru 0:44.)

The U.S. military on board the aircraft carrier "USS Blue Ridge" pushing the helicopter into the sea off the coast of Vietnam, to make room for evacuees from Saigon. 

Photo taken April 29, 1975.
Photo source: www.namvietnews.wordpress.com 

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