Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27: US bombs Germany

On this date in History ..... 1943:

Americans make the first bombing raid against Germany.
65 bomber planes from the 8th Air Force departed from their England base. 53 planes made it to the destination where 22 German planes were shot down.  Americans only lost 3 planes in return.  
The 8th Air Force became famous for their precision bombing raids, often called “the greatest air armada in history.” The nickname seems to be well deserved.
The Eighth’s personnel also earned 17 Medals of Honor, 220 Distinguished Service Crosses, 850 Silver Stars, 7,000 Purple Hearts, 46,000 Air Medals. Many more uncounted awards were presented to the 8th AF veterans after the war. There were 261 fighter aces and 305 gunner aces in the Eighth in World War II; 31 of those fighter aces exceeded 15 or more aircraft kills.(all quotes source:
A museum to commemorate the MIghty Eighth is located in Savannah Georgia.

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