Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 4: Beatles set Record

On this date in History .... April 4, 1964:  

The Beatles set an all-time record on the Top 100 chart of "Billboardmagazine this day. 

All five of the top songs were by the British rock group. In addition, The Beatles also had the number one album as "Meet the Beatles" continued to lead all others. The LP was the top album from February 15 through May 2, when it was replaced by "The Beatles Second Album". 

It was estimated at the time that The Beatles accounted for 60 percent of the entire singles record business during the first three months of 1964. The top five singles by The Beatles this day were:
1) Can’t Buy Me Love
2) Twist and Shout
3) She Loves You
4) I Want to Hold Your Hand
5) Please Please Me

“What song was number six?” you ask. "Suspicion" by Terry Stafford.



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