Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16: Saturday Night Fever

On this date in History .... 1977:

The movie “Saturday Night Fever” is released, propelling John Travolta to super-stardom and starting the disco dance craze across the country.  It defined a cultural era of platform shoes, polyester suits and blow dried hair.  It made it “ok” for guys to dance and turned the DJ into the “high priest” of the dance club.
The movie grossed almost $4 million the first weekend and overall grossed over $230million worldwide. 
Travolta originally wanted his now-famous white suit to be black but when producers pointed out that his dance partners red dress would show up better in the darkened disco and therefore make her more easily seen, he agreed to wear white.  The white suit was purchased at an auction by film critic Gene Siskel for $145,000.
The soundtrack album held the #1 selling album in history until it was replaced six years later by Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.
(clip of Saturday Night Fever's famous line dance)

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