Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 30: Col. Robert Howard, Medal of Honor

On this date in History .... 1968:

Col. Robert Howard
Robert Howard’s action merited the award of the Congressional Medal of Honor while on a rescue mission in Cambodia searching for missing soldier Robert Scherdi.
Howard was nominated for the Medal of Honor 3 times, but the rules dictate it can only be awarded once.  In a 54 month period he was wounded 14 times, received eight Purple Hears and four Bronze Stars. He was a Ranger and a Green Beret, Special Forces. He served over 50 years and retired a full colonel.

During the rescue mission, Howard was wounded and his gun destroyed but he crawled to his wounded commander to administer 1st aid.  An enemy bullet then hit an ammunition pack Howard was carrying, detonating several rounds of ammo. Severely wounded, he began dragging other wounded soldiers to safety.
For 3-1/2 hrs, he and his men held off the enemy until helicopters could get in to rescue. Even then, Howard made sure his men were loaded up first and he did not leave the “bullet swept landing zone until all were aboard safely.”


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