Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 3: MADD: Cari Lightner

On this date in History .... 1980:  

13 year old Cari Lightner is killed by a drunk driver, inspiring her mother, Candace “Candy” Lightner, to organize Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  Her purpose was to raise awareness  and to promote tough legislation against the crime of drunk driving.  

After she left MADD in 1985 she said MADD has become “far more neo-prohibitionist than I had ever wanted or envisioned … I didn’t start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving". 

Some statistics ......

  • 1/3 of all traffic deaths in 2010 were attributed to alcohol. 
  • As bad as that is, it is a 30% decrease from 2006.  
  • Men make up 81% of the drunk drivers.   
  • Even tho’ males 21-35 are only 11% of the population, they make up 32% of all drunk drivers.

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