Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2: Francis Folsom Cleveland

On this date in History ... June 2, 1886:

21-year old Frances Folsom marries 49-year old President Grover Cleveland in the White House, becoming the only president and first lady to be wed in the White House and making her the youngest first lady (a record previously held by 24-year old Julia Gardiner when she married 54 year old President Tyler in 1844).  

She was the only First Lady to be wed and to give birth in the White House. 

When Cleveland was elected back to the presidency after a four-year gap, she became the only first lady to return to the White House. When Cleveland died in 1908, Frances became the first presidential widow to remarry (in 1913). 

At her death in 1947, she had lived longer after leaving the White House than any other former first lady. 


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