Monday, June 24, 2013

June 25: Korean War Begins

On this date in History ... June 25, 1950:  

The Korean War begins when Communist North Korea invades South Korea, surprising the small So. Korean army and the small U.S. force stationed there.  

It was the first “hot” war of the Cold War and the first “limited war”, meaning the objective was not to defeat the enemy but was to just achieve a limited goal of protecting So. Korea. 

Hearing of the invasion, the U.S. rushed to get a United Nations resolution for military assistance. With the resolution secured, Truman dispatched U.S. military for what he called “a police action”. 

This new concept of war was frustrating for the American public who was used to total victory like they had recently experienced in WWII and who never really accepted or understood the concept of “limited” warfare. 

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